Friday, December 18, 2009


The locals are convinced on a strong link between inappropriate clothing and illness. Go outside during winter without decent shoes and you'll get a kidney infection. Leave a milimetre of neck skin uncovered and your lungs will shrivel up. Three days into this latest bout of cold weather Mads' eye gunked up. Perhaps it was because her tights aren't thick enough - whatever the reason I couldn't send poor old puss-eyes off to kinder like that so it was off to the doctor with us on Wednesday morning. Mum and dad decided to fill the time by going to the travel agent.

On the walk back home from the doctor's, it started snowing. Mads and I walked along with out mouths open, trying to catch snowflakes. When mum and dad arrived home we told them about the snowflake-in-mouth-catching and mum said 'we did the same thing.'

My dad is full of praise for Frankfurt ('I like the architecture! The people in the shops are very helpful!'), but my mum seems somewhat underwhelmed. I took her to H & M - a shop she'd been keen to visit and she was disapointed by their underwear range.
'What were you expecting?' I asked. It looked like a pretty standard range of underwear to me.
'Just something a little more cutting edge,' mum said.

I'm not sure where you need to go for cutting edge undies. Maybe Japan?

Last Sunday we went to the natural history museum, which has an enormous diplidocus and a t.rex model out the front.
'They're not very good, are they?' mum said.
'What do you mean?' I asked.
'Well, they're a bit cheesy, don't you think?'

Mum does approve of the local bread though. And the beer, which is not too fizzy.


  1. I like the idea of undies being "cutting edge" but wonder if they need to be uncomfortable in order for them to be classified as "cutting edge"? And then I think maybe I just to think of undies as "old and trusty". Enjoy the snowflakes Merri and Mads.

  2. Any items from H&M would be welcomed by us back home. Just saying.