Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I still call Australia tasty

The sudden shift in seasons has taken us a little by surprise. Weren't we frolicking through golden hued leaves in light-weight clothing just a few weeks ago? Temperatures of 9 and lower sent us scuttling for warmer clothing. But even wearing all our warmest Melbourne clothing at once didn't seem to be enough. I felt like someone who has turned up to an auction, feeling confident that they'll do well, only to have the bidding whirl past their highest price in a matter of seconds. Gazumped by the cold as Thieu put it.

It's feet that are my problem - coldness thereof. Mine are often cold when they have no good reason to be, so the downturn in degrees has not been pleasant for them. Last week I went and purchased some (fake) fur-lined boots and some furry innersoles to shove in them for good measure. Bliss. It's like sticking your foot into an inverted teddy bear, but it's certainly made a difference when I'm standing around in the local park.

So far Mads hasn't seemed too bothered by the coldness. In fact, she mostly complains about being too hot when we get on the train or go to the shops where the heating is insanely high. Otherwise, life continues as normal. Mads is enjoying playing with the Australia puzzle sent by the grandparents, but more as a set of ingredients than as a puzzle. Here is a tasty feast she cooked up for us on the weekend:

Somehow I managed to wangle it so that I scored Western Australia. It was a little dry in the middle but quite delicious around the coast. Thieu got South Australia and said it tasted of Farmers' Union iced coffee and frog cakes.