Friday, January 22, 2010

Ugg Love

OK, so I have to admit I've owned ugg boots before. Growing up in Ringwood it was practically manditory. The thing I remember about them most was that if you walked more than a few hundred metres in them your feet began to melt from overheating. And I remember that they became smelly quickly. It was only later that I realised they were also deeply unfashionable and something you should probably not admit to ever having owned.

So at first I was quite surprised to see the popularity of ugg boots in Frankfurt - especially on otherwise stylishly dressed women. Someone told me it was because Posh Spice wore some once, but I haven't been able to find any photographic evidence of this. And then as the temperature began to drop I began finding myself looking at the uggs around me with a certain amount of envy. The ugg wearers looked comfy. They weren't hoping from one foot to the other in an agitated fashion. They seemed at ease with the ugliness of their footwear. I found myself examining at a pair in a shop. Do you know how much ugg boots cost here? Anywhere between 160 euros to 300 euros. Go and currency-convert that and truly your ghast will be flabbered.

Things sped up after that. There was a quick email to the Parental Unit,which set in motion a trip to the Vic market. Then lo - I had acquired myself a Christmas present. 75 Aussie bucks thanks very much. Stubbie holder thrown in for free.

At first I promised myself that my uggs would only take me to the local park and the swimming pool - nowhere else. But then I found myself conveniently forgetting I had them on and heading to the supermarket in them. And then to the further-away supermarket. Then one day I thought 'stuff it, I'm going to kindy in them,' and that's what I did, although I could see the teachers staring ('there goes that weird foriegn mother in her 300 euro shoes'). And you know what? It felt great. My toes were so snuggly and happy that I stopped caring. Warm feet = happiness. I smiled smugly at anyone who stared. Yes, they're ugg boots. They feel good. Stuff you. The day we went tobogganing and mum was practically crying from the coldness of her toes confirmed my ugg love because my feet were fine.

So now I wear them everywhere. And they don't even stink yet.


  1. too funny Meredith! I read a parenting/general chat forum in the US occasionally, and there is a thread with the title "Are Uggs out of fashion?". I am always itching to reply "they never have been in fashion - ugliest fad on earth" however, as the participants of the thread are enthusiastically writing about their hideously expensive Ugg Australia branded latest purchases, I probably wouldn't have my comment go down very well.
    As Germans love the ugly footwear, it's no wonder they also embrace the Ugg. And hey, comfort is key, particularly in your cold snap at present. And I bet those kinder teachers were pretty envious of your obvious wealth and display of good taste.
    Heidi x

  2. nice one britney. gonna get suri a matching pair?

  3. I wear my Uggs with pride Merri- albeit around the house. There have been a few occasions where I've worn them to my Mum's or whatever- but then mine are the shorter style and as such it's hard to get away with them passing for out-of-doors footwear. When they fall off my feet ( one has a massive stitch-up across the toes, like someone performed an autopsy on the ugg to see their "strange comfort" secret...) I will buy a taller pair for extra warmth and German kudos. Glad to know you're toes aren't in shock from the cold anymore!

  4. My mother did every crafty course under the sun - l think l had a matching pair of Ugg mittens.

    Has the mocky come in yet - or will that be spring wear.

    The Ugg was part of our winter school uniform and a good place to hide your ciggies. I advise that you use them as a storage unit - try for healthy snacks - those teachers will be green with evy when you pull a bratvorst out of your UGG....not smelly at all!