Monday, December 14, 2009


There were a number of exciting arrivals last week. On Friday a bubbled-wrapped package from Hardie Grant turned up containing Tweenie Genie 2 with its pretty rasperry cover. Happinesss.

Then, on Saturday morning, there was an even more exciting arrival: Arma and Arpa. (They were not in bubble wrap but definitely well rugged up.) Mads and I got up at 5 am to catch the train out to the airport to meet them, and although we had a bit of difficulty finding the exit point we did eventually locate them. Mads dressed in her Sam Sam outfit for the occasion. It was a very joyful reunion and we may not let them leave again.

Up until this point it really hasn't been that cold in Frankfurt. But on Saturday, the wind started blowing from the north (that is, the North Pole) and things have suddenly become a whole lot colder. The weather forecasts all kept promising snow on Sunday and I had early reports from other families living just out of Frankfurt that there was enough snow where they were to make small snowmen. I was desperate for it to snow here, too. Sadly, we didn't get anything like that amount of snow - just a few flakes whirling around in a dandruff-like way - but still, it's the first time we'd experienced snow in an urban setting and it was exciting. Today's top is 0 degrees, but no snow unfortunately. Maybe there will be some by Christmas though.

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