Friday, December 11, 2009

Der Hund ist Lustig

For a long time Mads resisted using any German words other than 'kartoffel' and 'nein'. But gradually - so gradually - this is changing. I get the feeling that she understands a lot of what is said to her, especially when it's along the lines of 'do you want anything more to eat/drink?' as well as 'wash your hands and let's go outside.' She has also just recently started singing entire songs in German - I think some of the words aren't entirely right (I can't actually tell)- but it's still amazing for me to hear her singing away in another language.

Then this week there has been another big jump: she has started talking to other children in German. There is just a slight issue that what she says doesn't always make a lot of sense. I suspect that sometimes she is quoting lyrics from songs she's learning at kinder. Still, I'm so impressed that she's even trying. Yesterday for instance she bowled up to a small boy and said 'St Nickolas kommt heute Abend!' which was not strictly true but got a very positive response. Then she said 'Der Hund is lustig,' and the boy looked at her blankly, probably because we were in a shop and there were no dogs around, funny or otherwise. I guess it's lucky that she's still at an age where kids do just say random, seemingly non-sensical things. I remember a small kid coming up to me in a park once in Melbourne and saying in a very confidential tone; 'I'm wearing underpants.'
'Good work,' I said. 'So am I.' I mean, what else can you say?

'Tschüss!' said Mads to the boy, as we left the shop. 'Bitte aufräumen!'


  1. I love an inappropriately confidential tone!

  2. Soon she will be telling her friends stories about home in German and you won't know what she is talking about!!!! Too funny :)