Friday, March 19, 2010

Toothy Car

It was a sunny 15 degrees today in Frankfurt and we were sweltering. A perfect day for grabbing the camera and taking photographs of strange things. The van in the photo above was by far the strangest thing I saw. It's so weird and somehow menacing. In my eagerness to photograph it I forgot to pay any attention to what it was actually advertising, and now I can only wonder. Mobile dentist perhaps? Because I can be a bit thick I was actually marvelling at how amazing it was that the smile had so perfectly lined up with the rest of the face when the van had stopped. I literally only realised ten minutes ago that, of course, the mouth probably doesn't spin around at all. I wish that it did though. How cool it would be to see those gleaming white teeth rotating endlessly.

My other favourite sighting of the day was this:

because I've always been partial to a bit of texta-facial hair action and because from a distance it looked so real that I did, just for a moment, think it was really a bearded lady.

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