Monday, March 22, 2010

& now what?

One of my current favourite German words is die Puppenecke - the dolls' corner - with 'Puppen' being dolls and 'Ecke' being corner. Mads and I had fun the other day coming up with other types of 'ecke's, like, the corner where all the snails hung out would be die schneckenecke. that was the only one we came up with. But I still like it.

My favourite Ecke in the flat recently has been the cane chair by the window where I've been working on the blanket for my unborn niecephew. It's a light, sunny spot to work, close to the teeve and the cd player. I've spent some very pleasant - between-drafts time in this corner, working away, listening to music or watching DVDs (Madmen, The Sopranos, Breaking Bad).

Then on Saturday I finished the blanket and I feel a little lost. I can't really justify watching tv without a project to work on. It doesn't seem right. Besides, there is a new book to start work on and there will be revisions to the teen novel too very soon. Looks like the days of the sunny corner might be over for now at least.

p.s. cushions by Auntie Cookie.


  1. It looks lovely and cosy - somewhere to sleep of your Fruehjahrsmuedigkeit! I miss my Umlauts...

  2. you need to email me your address so I can see you the 'banned' cushion to add to your collection.

  3. I'm coming to Melbourne in May, Shannon. I'd love to see them then!


  4. Just had to make a comment about your DVD viewing. Matti & I are hooked on breaking bad and are about to finish season 2...TV GOLD
    aint it? how bout PlumpsKlo-ecke