Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Is there a nicer person in the world than Sally Rippin? Seriously, I think you'd be hard pressed to find one. When I heard about the new series she was writing for Hardie Grant called Billie B Brown I knew I needed it. I had planned to buy it during our Oz visit next month but Sally beat me to it. A set of Billie B arrived in the mail today. Such happiness! Thanks Sally. I already love them and I know Mads will too.

There are a few other books I need to pick up when in Oz. My sister Hilary's new series, Space Scout, for one. And also Ebony McKenna's book Ondine. My own bookish news is that the first of my Tweenie Genie books has been picked up by a German publisher and will be released, fully-translated and re-illustrated (in a more German style) in Spring 2011. Most exciting and good.


  1. Sehr gut! (About the German publisher).Ich gratuliere!

  2. Oooh, thank you so much for the mention :-) *can't stop smiling*
    Hope that volcano has eased up so your return to Oz is hassle free.

  3. I must admit that a week ago....l shamelessly asked an 8 y.o if she had any 'Go Girl' books and could l see them.

    She was excited to show me her two books, both by a certain author.
    "l know her", l said.....then l went for the double punch.

    Do you use Kahootz at school? "Yeeeees"
    She was more impressed that the famous author, 'Meredith Badger' worked on Kahootz.

    So l went for the biggest kids cred l could find....."yes, but l performed in front of Roald Dahl".


  4. Oh, that was quick! Considering there's a great big ash cloud all over Europe the postal service is doing pretty well! So glad you like them. It's thanks to YOU that they are even here! Hope Mads likes them too.

  5. Carolena - I love it that you're still getting kudos off Kahootz! I shall live vicariously via you - the kids here haven't heard of my books or of Kahootz so I've no one to boast too.

    Sally - we've already read ALL of the Billie B books once and are now reading them again. Big thumbs up from Mads.

  6. Congratulations Meredith! How fantastic! Are you doing the German translation or are you going to put Maddie to work?

    Heidi x