Friday, March 5, 2010

Haupt Bahnhof

What do you want to hear about? There was the whole Faschings Carnival thing a couple of weeks ago, where the locals went bezerk and dressed up (the adults more than the children) as pumpkins, lone rangers, clowns, sexy she-devils etc and paraded through the streets throwing lollies at the crowd. Thieu had made himself a very tall crown to wear to the main parade which the lollies kept landing in. Mads was mortified by the crown and told him that perhaps he should just leave it at home. Which of course Thieu didn't. And the success with catching the lollies in it has him already making plans for next year's hat which will be shaped like a satellite dish.

And then there was our spontaneous trip to Strasbourg last weekend where we woke up and said 'yeah, let's go to France' and were there in time for baguette avec fromage at lunchtime. We walked around admiring the lovely old buildings constructing sentences in our new hybrid French-German language (Frerman) and then narrowly avoided decapitation when the strong winds started blowing the roof tiles off the lovely old roofs.

There's also our upcoming visit to London this weekend which I am so, so looking forward to - I'm tired of my muteness and looking forward to catching up with some friends.

But I don't know if I can be bothered writing about any of these things. I've got mid-book laziness and don't feel like writing much at all.

The photo above is from a current advertising campaign and translates as (or so google translate tells me) 'What now, dear parents?' I've seen it around a lot but this one was spotted at the main train station - Haupt Bahnhof - before we boarded the inter-city to Strazzers.

The other thing that we always visit at the 'hof is the model railway. Mads is fascinated by it:

It's very detailed. In fact, I'd visited it a few times before I noticed one particular detail on the wall around the miniature playground:

I pointed it out to Thieu.
'A swear word,' I said. 'In a model train diorama.'
'I don't know why you're so surprised,' he said. 'That newsagency over there has a range of crack pipes on display in its front window.'

To finish, here's a picture of Mads looking through a round thing in Strasbourg. Our dad used to like photographing us examining leaves. Maybe he was hoping to turn us into botanists. I like photographing Mads looking through round things. Not sure why.

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