Tuesday, February 9, 2010


On the whole I'm not really big on dogs. They smell damp, I'm irritated by their blind devotion and I don't like the little plastic bags of poo that seem to go with dog ownership. But having said that, if I had to have a dog, I'd choose a dachshund. It's the ridiculous proportions, I think. Long body. Stumpy legs. It's funny. I pass this sign when I'm dropping M off at kinder and I always admire it. I like the way it's so specific: No dachshunds on this grass - any other type of dog ok. I also love the way the dachshund has just skillfully slid out from underneath the red line, like it's saying 'yeah, well just you try to stop me. My stumpy legs and ridiculously long body makes it easy for me to escape your stupid sign.'

Further down the same path is this sign:

I don't know what kind of dog this one is, but it's not nearly as sneaky as the dachshund. It's just standing there passively, letting that red line hold it back.

Another favourite sign of mine belongs to a chain of health food shops:

I noticed this sign first because I have a second cousin called Freya. Then the more I noticed it, the more I realised there was to love about it. Firstly, how great is it to have a health food shop called a reformhaus. It sounds so severe and punitive. Reformhaus Freya sounds even better - it makes me think of the title of a cheap paperback from the 50s with a lurid cover.

Here's another shop sign I love:

Doesn't Schrumpf sound exactly like the noise of biting into an apple?

This one is good too:

I would love to meet Herr Schlapp - or maybe view him from a distance. I can picture him so clearly. He'd be some leering, red-faced middle-aged man with large hands and a cheap suit. I'm always on the lookout for names that would hyphenate well with Badger and I think Schlapp-Badger is pretty much perfect. I bet he causes poor old Herr Habel no end of grief.


  1. Is this in Frankfurt? We'd love to feature the Dachshund photo on our blog and link back to you as the source if you'd agree. Here's our address: http://dachshundlove.blogspot.com/

    Hope to hear from you, we'll check back here in the comments section.

  2. It's just outside of Frankfurt.


  3. Hey Merri, the second dog is a Schnauzer..which is of course a fantastic Bavarian name for a dog... they come in big or small sizes and I reckon this one in the sign is the bigger variety as it's clearly to big to sneak under the red line. Woof!

  4. Thanks again! Got the photo posted today!