Thursday, September 10, 2009


When Mads and I were at the Melbourne Museum during the first week of our trip we were on our way to visit the poo in the body section and somehow ended up in the Australian history section instead. Maybe subconsciously I steered us there, thinking a bit of a top up on Australiana wouldn't hurt. We've definitely seen enough poos. Mads didn't seem all that impressed by Pharlap but she was intrigued by the archival footage of him playing nearby. She sat and watched the entire loop three or four times.

Nothing more was said about it until this afternoon when Mads announced she wanted to 'play Pharlap.' She, naturally, took the starring role as the great horse himself. What do you think my role was? One of the other horses, perhaps? The jockey? Perhaps someone cheering in the crowd? The camera man filming the race?


I had to be the giant white arrow that points out where Pharlap is in the archival footage. In practical terms this meant I had to run along beside her pointing at her head as she galloped along. Is that strange? It seemed quite strange.


  1. Stop it....l'm sitting at my desk looking like a total loon with tears running down my face!!!

  2. that is one of the most hilarious things Ive heard in a long time very funny!!! you must remember that one to tell her when shes older.