Friday, July 24, 2009


We were in the park yesterday, between bouts of rain and I noticed this little boy straight away. He was the one stomping on other kids' sandcastles and throwing rocks at the toddlers. Nice kid. His grandfather sat on a bench in the sun, reading the newspaper and paying no attention to his vile progeny's doings.

Then Mads whacked her head on a piece of equipment and the delightful lad rushed over, climbed up the tower she was standing on, and stood in front of her laughing. I can't tell you how close I came to pushing him over the edge.

As we left the park a little later I saw the boy near the basketball ring, bawling his eyes out. 'Look Mads, I said, 'that mean boy is crying. He looks like he hurt himself.' Mads looked at me sternly. 'Mummy,' she said. 'He's not a mean boy. What he did was mean.'

I rolled my eyes. 'Yeah, whatever,' I said. 'Now, run over there and laugh in his face.'


  1. Wish Harry would learn that one. I am forever trying to get him to speak quietly (or better yet not speak out loud) when he yells "I Don't Like That Boy. He's Mean" approx. 1 meter from the boy and his mother at Kindergarten. He'll also point to make sure we all know who he is talking about. Maybe Maddie needs to sort him out...
    Heidi x

  2. Hey Meredith, Trisha put me onto your blog tonight, and I've just been reading it for the last hour or so. It's fantastic! So funny and so great to hear how things are going over in Frankfurt. Great to read your news!

  3. Oh don't worry Heidi, Mads says plenty of mean things. I'm planning a post about it. It's handy that the kids at her kindy don't understand her at least!

    Sall - glad you enjoyed it. Coming to Melbourne in two weeks - might see you!