Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our Stuff Arrives

I will write about the Paris trip. I even have photos - good ones, of Matt pretending to be a male model on top of the Eiffel Tower. But today an even more exciting event occurred: Our stuff arrived. After the disappointment of the air-freight boxes (I haven't used that thermometer once. Or the camera) I deliberately lowered my expectations of what it would be like to have our entire life delivered to our door. But it was surprisingly great. Especially as I disappeared with Mads off to kindergarten in the morning just as the truck arrived and by the time I arrived home, all the boxes were in the flat. Joy.

Mads was beside herself with delight, discovering all her old treasures. 'There's Hard Donnie!' 'There's my drumkit!' 'There's Sneezy the Activity Dragon!' Then she dressed up in her fairy outsuit, put a lampshade on her head and collapsed in front of the tv to watch a playschool DVD. While she did that, I stood in the doorway of our bedroom and admired my Auntie Cookie cushions for a while, then retired into the kitchen to eat vegemite toast. It was great. Truly great.


  1. joy! That must be great to have your stuff Merri. And I just spent some time admiring your Auntie Cookie cushions too- I didn't know they did soft furnishings...more joy!

  2. good to see my wares are spreading the love OS now....and yes THEY do do soft furnishings...

  3. I've been reading along - glad you've got all your stuff at long last, and poor Mads with all her accidents with her fingers!

    I'm just surprised that you have a drum kit for Maddie. I've just had Harry banging away on an old formula tin with a wooden spoon for the past 30 minutes and it's seriously driven me insane!

    Heidi x