Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vapour Trails

Here is a genuine Frankfurt vapour-trail, heading for the Henninger Beer tower that we can see from our balcony. Thieu took the shot. He is a fan of the digital zoom, which I maintain makes the pictures look all furry. He denies it. You decide for yourself:

The sky above Frankfurt is covered with vapour trails. There isn't a moment of the day when you can't see five or more of them criss-crossing the sky. And, because I'm not very good at spacial stuff, there is a time every day that I stand stock still, staring up in horror at what appears to be two planes heading straight for each other. And then the vapour-trails neatly intersect and the planes keep flying and I realise that one plane is teeny-tiny and the other is really quite large and probably quite close and I breathe again. I don't recall seeing vapour-trails like this in Australia. I'm sure I've only really seen them when some telecommunication company is trying to convince people to switch mobile phone plans.

Mads did an hour's orientation at kinder today. I was a little trepidatious but she literally flung herself into the room of children, with the joyus expression of someone presented with a table laden with food after having starved for several weeks. When I picked her up, her teacher, Frau Richter, said 'Madeleine sang a song and did a dance routine for us shortly after arriving.'

Which will come as no surprise to those who know her. Just wait till all her dress-up costumes arrive.


  1. I am so happy to hear about Maddles's obvious delight in kinder, meine schwester. Did any of die oder kinder speak English?

  2. Realisation that you are now Frau Badger and shalt address you as such in the future.
    I've noticed a lot of vapour trails in Sydney.
    Perhaps we just never Melbourne.