Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You've Got the Cutest Little Baby Gates

Thieu took down the two baby gates which have blocked the top and bottom of the stairs ever since Mads was about 6 months old. It is so strange not to have them there. The stairs suddenly seem so open, so dangerous. Every time I go upstairs my hand reaches out automatically to open the gate, like some sort of nervous twitch.

The other big change is the enormous Peter Dombrovskis mural has been taken off our wall. I really wasn't happy about it going up initially, but I grew to quite like it and now that it's gone the room seems incredibly small and cramped. It's like we used to have an amazing view out of our window and someone has just blocked it with a big brick wall.

Mads has just started asking for her dummy again over the last couple of days, which she hasn't done for six months. Is it because we're moving? We saw a girl her age with one the other day, and perhaps this alerted her to the unfairness of hers being removed, when other children still have theirs. She announced yesterday that she wanted to be a 'bushranger'. I was supportive - I rather like the idea of being a bushranger's mother, and I know her grandma (badger) would approve. Then I asked her what a bushranger does and she said 'They arrange the bushes,' so I think she thinks a bushranger is perhaps some kind of florist. Which could be good too, but very different to what I'd imagined.

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